Chocolate Tahini Oat Bowl

Try this chocolatey tahini oats with blackberries

What are you having for breakfast?!?! I’ve been all about the big bowl of chocolate tahini oats this week. For the chocolate flavor I used cacao powder but feel free to use cocoa powder or even chocolate protein powder. On a side not here are a few cacao benefits in case you’re wondering:

▪️rich source of antioxidants

▪️nutrient dense with magnesium, potassium & iron

▪️good source of fiber for the gut

Cacao has a bitter taste so I think it’s best paired with a natural sweetener. I added monk fruit maple syrup for this recipe. See recipe below.

Chocolate Tahini Oats Bowl
🔸1/2 cup rolled oats
🔸heaping 1 tbsp cacao powder
🔸1-2 tbsp monk fruit maple syrup (or honey)
🔸pinch of salt 🔸dash cinnamon
🔸splash of almond milk
🔸1 tbsp tahini
Serves 1: Cook oats according to instructions on package. Once water is a absorbed, reduce heat and stir in cacao, sweetener, salt, cinnamon. Cook for another five minutes so the flavors are well combined. Add to bowl, drizzle in tahini, top with berries and a splash almond milk.


Yummy chocolatey oats bowl with Tahini and Blackberries

– Melissa

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My Top 5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes 2
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