Meet Melissa Chapman

Face Yoga Health Coach

Hi, I'm Melissa.

The creative mind behind Taste N Dash. While I’ve spent the last few years sharing my insights as a health and food blogger, I now focus my energy on something that has completely changed my life – face yoga. This incredible technique not only reverses the signs of aging but also give you a boost of confidence to pursue a healthier life overall.

I first started discovering the healing power in nature while studying Foods and Nutrition. After a few different career changes and struggles with weight and stress, I came back to the importance of all-natural self-care. This refocusing has changed my life. At 48 years old, I wanted to find a way to address fine lines and wrinkles that were appearing on my face. Instead of getting chemicals injected into my skin, or having invasive surgery, I discovered the rejuvenation of face yoga.

AGe with grace

Did you know that you can age with grace while still having fun, enjoying the foods you love, and looking great along the way? With all of the restrictive diets and beauty regimens in the world, it may not always seem like that’s even a possibility. However, after spending the last several years focused on health, nutrition, and the power of natural methods like face yoga, I am thrilled to share my knowledge and empower other women!

A New Found Purpose

I share all this to spread hope and inspiration that making changes can be empowering! These practices can alter your life in the best ways at any age, if you’re ready to try something fresh. I am so happy you are here and I cannot wait to see how face yoga, along with other self-care, create positive improvements in your life. No matter what stage of life you’re in, this new journey can begin today!


San Francisco, CA native now living in Washington, DC.

Attended Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School while living in London, UK and completed the Patisserie Program. Yep, dessert first and I do eat gluten, butter & sugar in moderation. My motto is there is no such thing as bad food- some are smarter than others.

My beau and I have been together for 6 years and we recently adopted our two fur babies Enzo & Tuna.

I am a Cinco De Mayo Baby.

Served 10 years in the US Navy and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Stationed in a few great cities including Yokosuka, Japan, San Diego, CA and London, UK.

Worked in Corporate Retail Store Development for 15 years as a Construction Project Manager, and then I walked away to pursue a career in health coaching and food blogging.

Pilates is my favorite workout.


BS Degree Foods & Nutrition, 2001
San Diego State University
San Diego, California

Diplome De Patisserie, 2004
Le Cordon Bleu
London, UK

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, 2018
Institute for Integrative Nutrition
New York, New York

Face Yoga teacher, 2022
Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method

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