Meet Melissa Chapman

Face Yoga Health Coach

Hi! I’m Melissa, Founder of TASTE N DASH.

I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Face Yoga Instructor. TASTE N DASH started as a food blog and transitioned into a face yoga and health coaching practice. I help women (+ men) over 40 to naturally reverse the signs of aging through a holistic alternative approach and create a healthier lifestyle along the way. I believe you have the power to create exactly what you desire and become the best version of yourself.

How did I get here?

Well, I too felt uncomfortable as I watched my body change during my mid-40s. So I decided to do something about it.

And, here are the cliff notes:

  • I was always, ALWAYS obsessed with health and wellness.
  • From the ages of 16-20, I experimented with smoothies, devoured health magazines and got into protein powder — yes, before any of this was mainstream.
  • Desperate to escape the traditional and eager to find my purpose, I dropped out of college and naively enlisted in the U.S. Navy at 19 years old.
  • For 10 years, I reported for duty all over the world — including Japan and then London.
  • During the military, completed my bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Foods.
  • After the Navy, found myself climbing the corporate ladder for the next 15 years- corporate project management.
  • Started TASTE N DASH food blog in 2014 and felt my passion for health and wellness rekindle, and my desire to help people.
  • In 2017, I discovered health coaching and started coaching people part-time alongside my corporate job and quit the office to go full-time in 2020.
  • As I continued to work with women over 40, I realized we all had something in common- signs of aging. And this is what led me to Face Yoga…natural and inexpensive.

And here we are!

The name ‘Taste N Dash’ originated when I first launched my blog, and it has continued to guide my business even as my vision shifted.

  • TASTE represents food. What you eat and how it nourishes your body to maintain good health.
  • DASH represents lifestyle. Your life exists between two dates — your birth date and end date — separated by a dash, and that symbol represents how you lived your life.

So whether I’m sharing the best foods for anti-aging, little-known skincare tips, face yoga or self care techniques to improve your everyday life…

Taste N Dash really does encompass both the internal and external factors that go into overall health and wellness so we can reconnect with ourselves and age gracefully.

Because what you eat and how you feel truly impacts how you live your life and will greatly affect how you live the next 20, 30, 40, even 50 years.

If you have any questions about the brand or my offerings, please feel free to reach out.

xx, Melissa

A New Found Purpose

I share all this to spread hope and inspiration that making changes can be empowering! These practices can alter your life in the best way at any age, if you’re ready to try something fresh. I am so happy you are here and I cannot wait to see how face yoga, along with other self-care techniques create positive improvements in your life. No matter what stage of life you’re in, this new journey can begin today.


Education & Certifications

BS Degree Foods & Nutrition, 2001
San Diego State University
San Diego, California

Diplome De Patisserie, 2004
Le Cordon Bleu
London, United Kingdom

National Board Certified, 2022
 National Board Health & Wellness Coach


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, 2018
Institute for Integrative Nutrition
New York, New York

Certified Face Yoga Teacher, 2022
Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method