Meet Melissa Chapman

Health Coach & Food Blogger

Hi, I'm Melissa.

I’m an integrative nutrition health coach, food blogger and a lover of all things chocolate! The thing I am most passionate about in life is helping others to live healthier and eat the foods they love (and ditch the food rules). My passion for nutrition, cooking and wellness stemmed from an early age but I didn’t always have the best relationship with food.

My Turning Point

In my twenties, I dealt with stress and stressful life events through emotional eating and this triggered the onset of an eating disorder. Food was my drug of choice and binge-eating and purging were my coping mechanism.

This went on for several years, but through hard work (with a few relapses) and making a conscious effort, I was able to dig deep and break through the cycle. Creating this healthy space allowed me to shift my mindset and develop a healthy relationship with food and lose the extra 20 pounds I gained over the years of binge eating.

A New Found Purpose

Through this experience, I was intrigued by how much food had such an impact on my mindset and body that I wanted to help others.  Along the way, I found joy in recipe development and food photography which led me to start TASTE N DASH.


San Francisco, CA native now living in Washington, DC.

Attended Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School while living in London, UK and completed the eight month Patisserie Program. Yep, dessert first and I do eat gluten, butter & sugar in moderation. My motto is there is no such thing as bad food just some are healthier than others.

My beau and I have been together for 5 years and we recently adopted our two fur babies Enzo & Tuna.

I am a Cinco De Mayo Baby.

Served 10 years in the US Navy and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was very fortunate to be stationed in some really great cities including Yokosuka, Japan, San Diego, CA and London, UK.

Worked in Corporate Retail Store Development for 15 years as a Construction Project Manager, and then I walked away to pursue a career in health coaching and food blogging.

My favorite workout is pilates.


BS Degree Foods & Nutrition, 2001
San Diego State University
San Diego, California

Le Cordon Bleu London, 2004
Diplome De Patisserie
London, UK

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, 2018
Institute for Integrative Nutrition
New York, New York

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