Collagen Beauty Water “Lavender Lemon”

Ahhh another post on collagen.  Are you seeing a trend here?!?!?!  

I am a huge fan and have been including collagen in my daily diet since 2014.  If you’re not familiar with collagen check out the benefits here.

Since taking collagen on a daily basis I can definitely say my hair is stronger and I’ve noticed a huge difference on my overall skin texture.  And not to mention, studies show that taking collagen can reverse some signs of aging such as fine lines and increase skin elasticity.

I’m such a fanatic about collagen that my co-workers call me the “Collagen Queen”.  I have several containers of collagen at my desk and not to mention a few at home.  I’m either adding a scoop to my morning cup of coffee or breakfast smoothie.

But if for some reason I skip on the collagen in the morning I will incorporate it later in the day.

This is where Vital Proteins Beauty Water Lavender Lemon collagen comes into play.  I add two scoops to a cup of warm water and sip on it about two hours before bedtime.  You can also drink it with cold water.

I know I know… I’m a bit obsessed to say the least.  To be honest it’s become a habit to where I don’t even have to think about it.

Highlights of this Gem “Beauty Water Lavender Lemon

  • Taste is very mild and has a pleasantly light tart taste, like sipping on a cup of lemon tea.
  • Blend is loaded with probiotics and hyaluronic acid, gluten free and no sugar added.
  • Source of collagen is from snapper.  Studies show that fish collagen peptides are known to have a better absorption and bioavailability due to their smaller particle sizes compared to other animal collagens.

If you’re starting off on collagen I highly recommend this one.  It is a simple way to include in your daily routine with out the fuss.

girl drinking vital proteins collagen


– Melissa

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