Hi there! I’m Melissa… Your Face Yoga Health Coach!

I help women become the best version of themselves with Face Yoga and Nourishing Foods… the natural way!

reverse signs of Aging, eat the foods you love
& build mindful habits

Together, we can:

Exercise Your Face Simplify Your Diet ALIGN YOUR ROUTINE WITH YOUR VALUES 



Get 5 face yoga beginner techniques and 5 healthy breakfast recipes to elevate you day.

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Meet the Face Yoga Health Coach

Hi there! I’m Melissa, Founder of TASTE N DASH.

I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Face Yoga Instructor. TASTE N DASH started as a food blog and transitioned into a face yoga and health coaching practice. I help women (+ men) over 40 to naturally reduce the signs of aging through a holistic approach and create a healthier lifestyle along the way. I believe you have the power to create exactly what you desire and become the best version of yourself.

Let’s Work Together

We can work together in so many ways! From face yoga, health coaching, wellness workshops, brand partnerships and anything else in between.

Love Notes


"I was diagnosed with Celiac disease a few years ago and contacted Melissa for help on my diet. Melissa's knowledge and depth in nutrition and diet is superior. She made sure that I enjoyed the process of change and enjoyed the new foods she introduced me to. I have a better understanding of how food affects my body and overall health."
T.L., San Francisco, CA
"Working with Melissa has been such a great experience and quite honestly a real eye opener for me. I have always looked at my health simply as diet and exercise, but Melissa has really helped me to realize that so many other factors play a vital role in my overall health. Since working with Melissa I have learned how to better balance my work life, diet and physical activity with my personal well being and have subsequently made huge improvements in my stress levels, anxiety and overall energy."
J.D., Washington, D.C.
"Melissa has helped me form new healthy habits that I continue to use daily. Her approach has been effective, supporting me in creating new behavioral changes. My knew understanding of balancing vitamins, protein, fats, and carbohydrates have contributed to a healthier digestive system. Our weekly sessions put my health and personal concerns into perspective therefore, supplying me with a beneficial outlook. I personally want to thank Melissa for her knowledge, energy, compassion and motivation. You are appreciated!"
B.R., San Francisco, CA
“I took much more away from working with Melissa than I ever could have imagined. She pushed me in my ways I wasn't expecting. Not only did she educate me on the proper tools needed to create and maintain positive physical health habits, she also left me with tools for creating and maintaining positive mental health habits. I hadn't realized prior to working with her that mental health often reflects our physical health - good and bad. Each week she prompted me with questions that sometimes made me feel uncomfortable, but ended up being exactly what I needed at the time. My greatest takeaway is that mental health is key. When I replaced negative coping mechanisms with positive ones (thanks to recommendations from Melissa), I began noticing small positive changes on the outside! Once I started feeling better about myself on the inside, the outside naturally began reflecting that inner self-love. Melissa truly helped me find that inner love I was so desperately missing, and for that, I am forever grateful.”
M.M, Nashville, TN

What is

Taste N Dash?


The food you eat that nourishes your body to maintain good health.

Consuming a diet rich in flavorful, nutrient-dense foods can contribute to a healthier lifestyle, as well as aid in the fight against aging, promote skin health and result in a radiant, glowing complexion.


Make the Most of  Your Dash! 

Your existence is defined by two dates and a dash, with the dash representing how you lived your life.

The lifestyle you lead has a significant impact on your health and daily well-being, so let’s work together to identify your values and set goals that bring you closer to where you want to be. Let’s explore together to find what works best for you.